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Top 3 UK Naturist Films

Submitted by FreePropaganda on Wed, 04/08/2015 - 17:18

These are FreePropaganda's top three UK nudist/naturist documentaries.

Let's Go Naked

1979 BBC documentary on UK nudists, following the adventures of a trainee teacher and others as they travel to Cap D'Agde.

Educating Julie

1984 drama about Julie, a film studies student who becomes a nudist while completing her summer assignment.

My Daughter the Teenage Nudist

Bianca is an 18 year old who, like many of her age, is about to go to university. Unlike most, however, she grew up in a nudist club. She was a naturist herself until the age of 12, when her self-consciousness, a negative image of her own body, and a lack of other teenagers interested in nudism, led her to cover up. She's been what other naturists call a 'textile' ever since. But recently, she discovered, via the internet, that there is a new generation of teenage nudists. As well as looking into the motivation of nudists, Bianca investigates whether the whole movement is as universally innocent and non-sexual as practitioners claim. From meeting closet nudists who only take their clothes off alone, and witnessing a naked bike ride through central London, to an extraordinary and liberating nudist camp in America, this is Bianca's open, honest, affectionate and sometimes critical look at what it is to be a naturist.